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Bernd Giese’s Birthday Symposium
On June 2nd 2017, Bernd Giese, one of Switzerland’s top chemists, will turn 77. On this occasion, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Fribourg organizes a birthday sympos...
10th Edition of the Life Science Forum Basel
Our theme this year will be: "The New Age of Healthcare" We want to reflect the rapidly changing world of healthcare and research and how new developments can shape the next ten year...
18. - 22.06.2017
ICCE 2017 - 16th EuCheMS International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment
The 16th international ICCE 2017 conference addresses scientists in academia, industry and in governmental institutions alike. ICCE 2017 intend to provide a unique information and commu...
09. - 12.07.2017
22nd International Symposium on Olefin Metathesis and Related Chemistry (ISOM XXII)
Following the model of a successful series of previous symposia, the upcoming ISOM XXII will cover the following topics: - Catalyst development and Organometallic Chemistry of carbenes ...
21. - 22.08.2017
SCS Fall Meeting 2017
The SCS Fall Meeting is the largest, annual scientific event in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists of all levels...
27. - 29.08.2017
International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering 2017 (ICMSE)
The ICMSE is a unique event in the emerging field of molecular systems engineering, and has the potential of leading to a long-term paradigm shift in molecular sciences. Prior to the IC...
28. - 01.09.2017
EuroAnalysis 2017
Along the lines of the long traditions of EuroAnalysis, the meeting will cover all aspects where analytical chemistry plays a role including fundamental and applied sciences. It will of...
04. - 06.09.2017
Hermance, Geneva
Int. conference “The Economics of Innovation: from Basic research to the Market”
The conference aims to determine the state of the art in the field of economic theory of innovation and stimulate further work to better understand the innovation process. Delegates wil...
07. - 08.09.2017
BioTech 2017
BioTech 2017 will provide an interdisciplinary discussion forum for experts in the field of (bio)process analytics and sensor technology. With a strong focus on applications, ...
04. - 05.10.2017
ILMAC Romande 2017
ILMAC is the major Swiss fair for Process and Laboratory Technology. For the first time, the event is organized in the Romandie and will provide latest developments in process...
Stein (AG)
SCS-Syngenta Symposium 2017
Symposum Topic: «Natural Products» Plenary lectures: - Prof. Jon Clardy (Harvard University) - Prof. Christian Hertweck (University of Jena) - Prof. Scott Snyder (University of Chica...
25. - 27.10.2017
SGMS 35th annual meeting
Annual meeting of the Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry...
26. - 28.01.2018
Saas-Fee (VS)
16th Swiss Snow Symposium 2018 (SSS'18)
Science meets Snow Sports! The symposium takes place in Saas Fee again and combines science, networking and snow sport in a familiar atmosphere....
SCS Spring Meeting 2018
«Bio-Inspired Chemistry» The SCS Spring Meeting is a one day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic. It is also the...
12. - 13.04.2018
CHanalysis 2018
The goal of the meeting is to stimulate a stronger cooperation among persons working in the different areas of analytical sciences. Analytical scientists from applied / fundamental rese...
01. - 04.07.2018
18th European Congress on Biotechnology
The European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB) is the leading congress for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe and is the flagship biennial event of the European Federation...
06. - 07.09.2018
SCS Fall Meeting 2018
The Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting is the largest annual scientific event in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and scient...
24. - 27.09.2019
ILMAC 2019
ILMAC is Switzerland's only trade fair for process and laboratory technology. ILMAC is taking place every three years and was held for the first time in 1959....