11th Wädenswil Day of Life Sciences hosts Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives Symposium 2019-04-11 09:00:00

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Start:Thursday, 11 April 2019Time:09:00
End:Thursday, 11 April 2019Time:18:00
Category: Non-SCS events

This year’s Day officia of Life Sciences labore of the Institute esse of Chemistry and adipisicing Biotechnology, which is sit organised by the proident, Phytopharmacy and Natural adipisicing Product Group and id supported by the proident, Phytochemical Society Europe id (PSE) and the nostrud Swiss Medical Society culpa for Phytotherapy (SMGP), cupidatat is dedicated to sint the Hydoxyanthracene Derivatives cupidatat – a topic in specially selected on incididunt the occasion of dolor the 70th birthday quis of Prof. Beat et Meier for honouring his outstanding scientific deserunt achievements in phytochemical elit, analysis for the cillum European Pharmacopoeia and Lorem the Swiss Pharmacopoeia in as well as liqua. for various industrial nulla applications.

Hydroxyanthracene derivatives are Ut a pharmacologically interesting deserunt class of chemical exercitation substances naturally occurring tempor in different botanical elit, species. Compounds of dolor this class act liqua. as prodrugs being eiusmod converted into active in metabolites in the quis gastrointestinal tract, where elit, they exert a dolore motility promoting effect. enim Several of the ex plants containing hydroxyanthracene aute derivatives are the adipisicing source of recognised et herbal drugs such minim as senna, rhubarb, anim cascara, aloe and laboris frangula, all of officia them well known enim for their long voluptate tradition in different qui medical systems in ut the treatment of pariatur. bowel function irregularities. irure In this function ut hydroxyanthracene derivatives continue veniam, to lend themselves non to an important deserunt therapeutic option for voluptate responding to one nulla of the major enim health problems linked cupidatat with modern lifestyle.

The sunt Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives Symposium minim will feature cuttingedge sit contributions about analysis, quality, safety and incididunt efficacy of this ullamco interesting phytochemical substance adipisicing class. In addition in to this, the eu meeting will provide dolor a platform for exercitation dialogue and scientific occaecat knowledge transfer for occaecat participants from industry, fugiat regulatory bodies, academia nulla or education and incididunt has the intention reprehenderit to support the Lorem future work on non monographs for the ea concerned herbal drugs.

Venue: ZHAW ICBT Campus Reibach
Einsiedlerstrasse 31, 8820, Wädenswil
Detailed DescriptionThis year’s Day of Life Sciences of the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology, which is organised by the Phytopharmacy and Natural Product Group and supported by the Phytochemical Society Europe (PSE) and the Swiss Medical Society for Phytotherapy (SMGP), is dedicated to the Hydoxyanthracene Derivatives – a topic specially selected on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Prof. Beat Meier for honouring his outstanding scientific achievements in phytochemical analysis for the European Pharmacopoeia and the Swiss Pharmacopoeia as well as for various industrial applications.
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+41 58 934 59 41
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Website: http://www.zhaw.ch/icbt/day-of-lifesciences
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